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I am unapologetically pro-life by means of opposing all abortion with the sole exception of the life of the mother.

The Slavery Analogy

Abortion and Slavery

Defenses of Abortion

Reasons For vs Defense Of Abortion

Life not Worth Loving

A common defense of abortion is that "unwanted" children would have a life that is "not worth living" and therefore killing that child is fine since they wouldn't want to be alive.

The overwhelming majority of people want to be alive. In 2018 out of the 327,000,000+ people in the United States only 48,344 chose to end their lives. So in the United States that's 99.98% of people want to live. Over the course of a lifetime only between .5 and 1.4% of people end up dying because they kill themselves. So when we say "oh they probably wouldn't want to live anyway" that simply isn't true. If 50%+1 people killed themselves because life was so horrible you would have a defensible position but when 99% of people value life as the treasure it is there simply isn't a rationale that you can decide to kill someone because they "probably" wouldn't want to be alive.