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I would define myself as a Teleological Conservative where my views are pragmatically aimed at maintaining the constitutional republic. The Preamble of the United States constitution lays out 5 objectives that I think are a good goal to aim at.

Federal Government

Goals For a More Perfect Union

The Preamble to the Constitutional of the United States lays out five objectives for the Federal Government to pursue in the name of making a more perfect union. I think politics can get too complicated and ideological and that the best approach is a return to the fundamentals of sound governance and the pursuit of these five objectives at the Federal Level with other objectives at the state level.

Establish Justice

I believe that a true, eternal, divine justice does exist and that through study and wisdom we can arrive at a judicial system that is more or less just. Because i believe in objective eternal justice I think we should aim to study Retribution as the main objective of our justice system. Utilitarian and Restorative effects of our system can be considered beneficial byproducts and side objectives to the system but the goal is punishing people who violate objective morality.

Ensure Domestic Tranquility

Provide for the Common Defense

Promote the General Welfare

I think a robust safety net is part of a well ran country and while we can't allow entitlements to bankrupt the nation people need to know that if they fall they will land on temporary assistance they can use while they get back onto their feet. The best way to end the welfare state is to get people off welfare not to cut welfare for the people who need it.

Secure the Blessings of Liberty

I believe that the objective of the federal government is to secure the [b]Blessings[/b] of liberty and not the curses of liberty. Libertarians will argue that Suicide, Prostitution, and Drugs should all be legal since it's liberty to take drugs that rob you off your free will but I would argue that such things are not blessings of liberties but curses and don't need to be pursued as objectives of the Federal government.




I think that video cameras should remain outside the Supreme Court and that oral arguments should be audio-only.