Temporal Blindness

From Bryce Carmony
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Temporal Blindness is my name for the condition of ignoring the dimension of time when analyzing a situation. By ignoring the 4 dimensional nature of human beings people have a heavily Flawed view of the world.



One of the most common modes of temporal Blindness is arguing that Abortion is ok because the child who is killed is not currently born.

Objecting to killing someone in their youth but but their adulthood is as nonsensical as saying shooting someone in the head is bad but shooting them in the foot is ok.

Where a lethal wound is inflicted doesn't matter and when a lethal blow is inflicted doesn't matter either..

Wage Statistics

One common argument for raising the minimum wage is that someone making the minimum wage for their entire life would be impoverished. This would be a good argument if time didn't exist. A 16 year old might make minimum wage but they will not make minimum wage forever. As of 2018 only 2.1% of jobs in the United States paid minimum wage or less. <ref>https://www.bls.gov/opub/reports/minimum-wage/2018/home.htm </ref>