The Academy Awards

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I like and dislike the Academy Awards. I think it is good for the film industry that members of the academy award talent seen in their field. What I don't like it the Academy Award broadcast where clueless celebrities give self righteous lectures on television to an audience more virtuous than the award winner.


Who Should Vote

The academy should be composed of active members of the trade. Actors should vote on actors, editors vote on editors, etc.

The fact that the academy isn't representative of the population at Large isn't a problem it's not surprising that disparate groups pursue disparate careers in the arts.

Gendered Awards

I think it is good to recognize actors and actresses seperately. The masculine and feminine roles would be difficult to compare across from each other.

There is a desire to erase gender from our culture and I generally oppose that.

Award For Stuntmen

I think Stuntmen deserve to be recognized with an award just like hair and makeup artists are recognized.

Declining Ratings

I think people should continue to boycott the Oscars broadcast so long as it is insufferably political. When movie stars return to discussing their craft and praising their muses with gratitude I'll start watching again.