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Hello, I'm Bryce Carmony. I created this wiki as a way for me to organize my views on a variety of topics. [Philosophy]], Religion, Art, Science, Technology, Politics, and anything else I happen to be interested in. Instead of creating a blog where I felt that a Wiki was a better form to organize things since my views on subjects are constantly evolving so being able to modify my thoughts on any given topic will make this long term a more suitable vehicle for knowing me. My target audience is primarily myself with a faint second consideration of possible posterity being interested in viewing the thoughts of a Millennial living at the turn of the millennium.

Even though I keep a journal on this site out of respect for the privacy of others I don't tend to mention the names of people in events such as dates and other activities. I'm looking at keeping a personal Analog Journal on good old fashion pen and paper where I'll keep a more detailed record. Welcome and enjoy your visit to


My founding philosophy is Epistemological Solipsism, the knowledge that nothing is knowable beyond self existence. Because Language is Indeterminate I use words that imply knowledge that I know I don't have. It could be possible to always say "seems" instead of "is" and "think" instead of "know" but that is tedious so I use language like most people understanding that it's only a shadow cast by my meaning not a true representation of what I mean. Beginning with knowing nothing is the only reasonable starting point to begin creating a Heirarchy of Assumption where the most useful assumptions are placed above the least useful assumptions. The most useful assumptions are divine Faith.


I am a Christian that has faith that Jesus of Nazareth is God. I'm currently in the process of finding which church i want to attend among the several christian denominations. Currently I'm leaning towards Catholicism but have not made a firm commitment yet.


I believe that beauty is an Objective Reality created by God and that the purpose of art is the attempt to realize and remember what true beauty is. I don't know much about Aesthetics it's something I need to spend more time studying.


Movies are not the highest form of art but they are an enjoyable form of art. I like the heirarchical structure of movies where thousands of people organize their efforts to create a work of Art it's something that isn't seen in many other artforms that are much more solitary. The only other art that seems as collectively worked towards is Architecture where a collective works to build a large work project.

I like to use 2 Movie Scales a 1-10 movie scale for rating how good a movie is and I use a 1-5 movie scale for how much I think someone should see a movie.


I label myself as a Teleological Conservative, I support policies that conserve the Republic of the United States that my ancestors graciously gave to me. Instead of following a specific ideological creed and letting the outcome be whatever it is. I have a desired outcome, the preservation of the Union and the spirit of freedom it was founded upon, that I support adjusted policies to match the current situation. The preamble of the United States Constitution lays out five objectives of what a more perfect union looks like; Establish Justice, Provide Defense, Ensure Tranquility, General Welfare, and Securing the blessings of liberty. These goals I think are plenty to keep a robust but limited government preoccupied and limit their intrusion into the lives of the sovereign citizens.

Rule of Law

The most fundamental value to American Politics ought be the Rule of Law as opposed to the Rule of Men. Codification is the process by which we create law out of the raw material of Ethics which are floating around in the Ether






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