False Choice With Chinese Virus

From Bryce Carmony
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There is a false choice being presented by left-of-center actors who are looking to benefit from economic hardship in the United States. The false choice is that we must choose between destroying the economy and letting a plague kill millions of Americans. This is a false choice and the prudent course is one in the middle. Here are some things to consider

Infinite Choices

We could take a maximalist approach to stopping the spread of covid-19. We could simply kill everyone who has the disease and burn their corpses. We could impose martial law and have the police kill anyone outside their house. Likewise we could take zero precautions and encourage people to run around in throngs coughing on each other and doing whatever they want.

Between thees two extremes are an infinite number of choices we can make as a society. Letting a plague kill everyone and plunging ourselves into the dark ages are both awful things to have happen. taking some steps to curve the Chinese Virus from spreading is smart. Taking every step is not.

Mitigation not Abstinence

We cannot abstain from working to keep people with food in their stomachs and roofs over their heads. Instead of removing all transmitting activity completely which is not practical we can mitigate how much transmission we do while still working.


The United States spans 6 different time zones and 6 wildly different biomes. We have urban cities, rural communities, and everything in between. Federalism is a good system because every state is unique and no two states will require the same plans to stop the spread of the Chinese Virus. When President Trump says he'd like to see economic activity restored by Easter Sunday that isn't a decree that every city in every state will go back to life as though the Chinese Flu Doesn't exist. But we can realize that certain areas will be able to be more economically engaged than other areas and our goal should be to maximize how much economic activity we can engage in while not unleashing the worst case scenario of the Chinese Virus.

Herd Immunity

There is evidence that the Chinese Flu isn't mutating very quickly which means not only that a vaccine is likely to be effective against the Virus but also that anti-bodies from fighting off the virus are likely to be effective against the virus for a long time.

The more people who get the virus and survive it without any symptoms or with only mild symptoms. The closer we move to a world where the Virus has fewer hosts it can jump between and eventually we can drive it into extinction.

Everything Costs Lives

IF we had a national speed limit of 40 miles an hour it would save lives. But driving at only 40 miles an hour would impose economic costs on us as a society. So we weigh the risks and rewards and decide that driving 80 miles an hour is worth letting some more people die.

Driving a car and spreading a disease aren't identical but it is a familiar illustration of how we are always weighing risk and reward and part of risk is human death. People who are saying we can't allow economic collapse to destroy the lives of millions of Americans are not heartless greedy people. It is uncomfortable to think about our mortality and put a price on what we're willing to lose our lives for but that is the reality of the human condition.